Business Team

Paul Walborsky, Chief Executive Officer

Paul Walborsky brings over 12 years of entrepreneurial expertise to Giga Omni Media. He has founded and built two companies – Grupo Arca, a direct marketing firm for the US Hispanic market, and WorldStreet Corporation, a Client Relationship Management (CRM) and peer-to-peer collaborative communication platform for the financial services industry. Worldstreet was acquired by Thomson Financial in 2002. In addition, Paul has held senior positions in major Wall Street firms including Lehman Brothers, Swiss Bank and ING Barings. Paul holds a Masters degree in economics and finance from Brandeis University.

Mike Sly, Vice President of Sales

Mike Sly is in charge of sales across Giga Omni Media. Mike has previously been a Managing Partner at leading media company AlwaysOn. He was also an early team member at Red Herring Magazine during the magazine's historic run between 1994 to 2002, during which time he rose to be Western Advertising Director.

Surj Patel, Vice President of Development and Formats

Surj Patel is building Giga Omni Media with new events, verticals and formats. Previously, Surj has held positions with the BBC, Orange, Glubble and Values Of N as well as starting and running an award winning design business in the UK with partners. He is a graduate of the MIT Media Laboratory and has a lifelong passion for technology, business and media.

Joanne Wan, Manager of Business Development

Joanne “Joey” Wan focuses on developing Giga Omni Media's events and conferences, creating marketing programs and managing media partnerships. Previously, Joanne held technology marketing positions with Juniper Networks, Extensity and, and worked with top life sciences companies Johnson & Johnson and Strategic Decisions Group. Joanne is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley.

Nick Basso, Account Manager

Nick Basso is the Account Manager for Giga Omni Media. Previously, Nick worked with eBay, PayPal, Merrill Lynch and Bear Stearns. Nick is a graduate of The University of San Francisco and a lifelong Bay Area native.

Chancey Mathews, Webmaster

Chancey “Foofy” Mathews is the technology lead who puts everything together and keeps it running. Chancey worked freelance for several years, providing web development services to clients all over the globe, before taking a full-time position with his number one client.

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