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Distinction Between Bloggers, Journalists Blurring More Than Ever
– PBS, February 28, 2008
GigaOm blog founder and executive editor Om Malik, who has extensive experience as a traditional media reporter, told me his editorial staff pre-edits about 80% of posts and often edits the others after they have been posted. Malik also prefers to hire bloggers who have a background in traditional reporting. “If someone has a journalistic background, you don’t have to teach them the ethics of the game or what ‘off the record’ means,” he said. “And what is a rumor and what isn’t. I don’t hold it against anybody, that’s the way it is.”

2008 Web Celeb 25
2007 Web Celeb 25
– Forbes, December 18, 2007 and January 23, 2007
Om Malik has a long history as a tech journalist, writing for outlets including Business 2.0, Red Herring and The Wall Street Journal (he was also one of the founding staffers of Forbes.com). But true Web celebrity didn't happen for the Indian-born writer until 2001, when he started his own technology blog, GigaOm. The popular site has received funding from sources including San Francisco venture firm True Ventures, and Malik frequently appears in the media and on television as a technology expert.

Yes, some blogs are profitable - very profitable
– San Francisco Chronicle, October 21, 2007
“This is the next evolution of media,” said Jon Callaghan, a partner with True Ventures, a Palo Alto venture capital firm that has invested in Om Malik's technology news blog GigaOm. “We are in the second or third inning, extremely early in the emergence of this industry.”

100 Favorite Blogs
– PC Magazine, October 15, 2007
100 Favorite Blogs - GigaOM GigaOM is the crown jewel of Om Malik's network of blogs. It’s also perhaps the least focused, which can be refreshing. The influential blog covers Web start-ups, technology infrastructure, venture capital, search—basically all things Internet.

100 Favorite Blogs - NewTeeVee Get the inside scoop on the Web TV revolution with this niche blog from Om Malik's network. The site gives in-depth coverage to emerging online video services, highlights video memes floating around the Web, and prognosticates on the future of video as the major TV networks apprehensively navigate the online world.

100 Favorite Blogs - WebWorkerDaily One of three GigaOM Network blogs in this story (and arguably the most useful), Web Worker Daily has practical advice for us, laptop-toting, Wi-Fi- and coffee-addicted souls known as telecommuters. You'll find plenty of handy tips from experts and readers, along with posts on the pros and cons of working from home (or Starbucks).

The Secret of GigaOM's Success
– AllBusiness, June 22, 2007
Om Malik reflects on how his blog grew into a major online media property and the strategies that sustain GigaOM as a hot company today

Tech blogs go from hobbies to businesses
– USA Today, June 19, 2007
GigaOm has readers numbering in the hundreds of thousands…But that doesn't accurately reflect their far-reaching influence.

NewTeeVee Pier Screenings

Citizen Journalism Hits The Big Screen
– Wired, August 30, 2007
(It) was less of an evening for the Tay Zonday set, and more for those interested in the evolution of web video's role in traditional journalism

Is Web Video a Threat to TV?
– The Wall Street Journal, August 7, 2007
Sab Kanaujia, vice president for digital product strategy at NBC Universal, discussed, “I was recently at Om Malik's Pier Screenings in San Francisco, where one of the creators of LonelyGirl15 spoke. They have thus far not joined a traditional media company amid several such offers that their agency was able to secure for them. They want to maintain total creative control and flexibility with their shows.”


Can Green Make Green?
– The New York Times, July 21, 2007

Earth2Tech examines “the intersections between the tech industry, the business of green, and start-ups that will use technology and innovation to combat climate change”