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Mobilize: The Next Generation Mobile Conference

San Francisco — September 18, 2008

Mobilize will explore the advancements driving the development of the mobile web as well as the implications and opportunities for entrepreneurs and their investors. Despite big plans and visions, the promise of the mobile web and a truly untethered Internet has not been realized to date. Now, with the convergence of recent developments in design, user experience, handset technology, and location and wireless network technology, everything is changing and the mobile web is about to take off like a rocket.

NewTeeVee Live: Television Reinvented

San Francisco — November 13, 2008

NewTeeVee Live pushes forward the online video industry’s hottest topics, features its most talented video producers and promising technologies, and draws together its leading personalities, investors and innovators.

We are witnessing the emergence of an entirely new medium that is going to become even more pervasive, influential and lucrative. It's still unclear how high-quality digital video will be distributed and monetized across the web, TV sets, movie screens, cell phones, games, and other platforms of the future; and so as the story continues to unfold, NewTeeVee continues its penetrating explorations and analyses of this ever-evolving, always dynamic industry.

NewTeeVee Pier Screenings: Web Video on the Big Screen

San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York — July through October, 2008

The NewTeeVee Pier Screenings, a series of four summer events, bring together content creators and online video aficionados in a casual setting. These events are live tests of how well online video survives the move from the PC to the gigantic screen, accompanied by entertaining commentary from our judges and informative talks by relevant, successful online video entrepreneurs. Past themes included episodic content, parody, product placement and user-generated advertising, and citizen news.