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GigaOM is the premier destination site for technology industry insiders and its movers and shakers.

Written by Om Malik, a well known, highly respected tech industry journalist, is widely considered the authoritative tech blog site for discovering what’s new, relevant and interesting in the dynamic world of technology. This popular website covers broadband, VoIP, IPTV, Wireless and mobile, venture capital and other new technologies — with signature intelligence, candor and irreverence.

“I think of him sort of as the Walter Cronkite of the Blogosphere” – Silicon Beat, Mercury News


  • Engages readers with its provocative approach and insight into future technology and media trends.
  • Is a regular source for exclusive new product launches together with commentary and journalistic context.
  • Attracts C-suite executives from global technology startups, executives at large companies, leading journalists, venture capitalists and private equity investors. Maintains a voice which can also speak to people on the edge of our industry as well as to consumer markets.
  • Receives accolades for its smart commentary and penetrating analyses on new and emerging technologies.
  • Influences business and technology sectors with its reliable, wellresearched and professional reporting.
  • Has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, USA Today, Business 2.0, Time magazine… and more.


  • 76% age 18-39
  • 68% HHI above $75k
  • 38% Executive (dir and above)
  • 53% are IT professionals, engineers, developers/ISVs

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